The Ride (SVVN Cinematic Remixes)

Posted 09 24 21

Earlier this year my good friend Jeremiah of SVVN remixed a few songs from my album, The Ride. I’m so happy with how these versions turned out and I hope you like them too. Jeremiah went about these remixes very detailed, I’ll let him explain:

“Creating cinematic remixes is one of my favorite expressions of SVVN. Cory Quintard, the singer-songwriter behind Volunteer, shared an early version of his album The Ride with me while we were in Africa working on a film project together. I listened to the album from beginning to end while we rode in a van from one rural area of Ghana to another. The songs felt expansive paired against the ever-changing backdrop of the African jungle rushing by outside the window. 

I loved the album’s production and how it sounded like an energetic live band, but I also heard quiet and profound stories hiding beneath the soaring guitars and dynamic drums. When we got home, I spent several months trying to capture and recreate the feelings I experienced while listening to the original version of the album on those bumpy dirt roads. 

I took an organic approach to the production of the remixes and avoided using synthesized sounds whenever possible. I’ve been obsessed with polyrhythmic muted acoustic fingerpicking, so I spent countless hours creating intricate patterns for songs like “Found You in the Fire” and “To Be Young.” For percussion, I played all the parts with my hands on an old snare drum and tom that had been lying around my studio for years. I stomped the ground for kick drums and layered them with 808’s to create body and precision. You’ll hear themes and motifs from the original recordings if you listen closely, but you have to listen very very closely. Grab some headphones and see if I’m telling the truth. I’ll wait.” – Jeremiah Dunlap, SVVN

Listen to the SVVN Cinematic Remixes EP here.