My new album, The Ride, is out now!

Posted 11 25 20

It happened. My debut album, “The Ride” is officially out! It’s been a strange year to release my first full length, but if there’s any theme that holds these songs together, it’s learning to accept and find enjoyment in the present - sitting still, and drawing life from the little joys of every day. I sincerely hope this album can become one of those small joys that brings you life and a sense of connection in some way. Thanks for listening to it, and thanks for being on the ride of life with me.  The best way to spread music...

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Pre-Order my first 12″ vinyl for my debut record, The Ride

Posted 09 26 20

Well, here’s the thing. I made an album. I’ve never made a full length album before, but after several years of releasing EP’s and singles, I felt the natural next step was to take the time to create a more complete work that summarized a season of my life where I grew from a young man into a slightly less young man. In this period, I moved to Nashville, fell in love, got married, stopped believing in some things, started believing in other things, and began a career as an artist and songwriter. It’s been a wonderful journey and I...

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Volunteer is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Cory Quintard from Nashville.

In the short 3 years since he started Volunteer he independently released his debut EP, ‘The World Will Begin Again’—produced by Jeremiah Dunlap at Emissary Studios, mixed by Jon Howard (producer/engineer, former touring member of Paramore) which gained a great listenership on Spotify and Soundcloud. The EP’s namesake single was quickly streamed over 100,000 times with follow up singles “Somebody’s Everything” and “Waking Up” also breaking the 100,000 mark within the year. The music video for “The World Will Begin Again”, released along with the album, performed well on YouTube with over 10,000 views on its own. The success of the debut EP translated into album sales and eventually a licensing deal from The Music Bed.

Since 2016 Volunteer has performed at The High Watt, The Basement, Mercy Lounge, The Back Corner, Analog and Musicians Corner followed along with being one of three musical guests at the nation’s premier conference for creatives and storytellers, Story Conference. He embarked on a full band tour in support of Matt Hires’ ‘American Wilderness’ Tour playing 25 dates in just over a month across Florida, Texas, The West Coast, The Midwest, and The Northeast just as the second EP was nearing completion.

The follow up EP, ‘The World Is Ours’ released in April of 2017 and has been critically acclaimed receiving over 10k streams on Spotify of the first single in just a month. 2018 found Volunteer releasing a series of singles including the viral and catchy, feel-good anthem “Good Good Day” used by YouTuber Kristin Johns (609k subscribers) on her Making Memories video (295k views) and “Deep Into The Wild” used by Nick Jonas as the backdrop to his wedding highlight video (2M+ likes) with wife Priyanka Chopra.

2020 will see the release of Volunteer’s highly anticipated debut full-length album. Cory, armed with a band of Nashville’s best plans to reveal his most honest and raw work to date with his personable and high-energy live shows.